What is Financial Planning?

"Financial Planning" is  not - despite what you've seen in the industry - a sales process. At JYC Financial, our plans do not involve product sales. We're what's known as "fee-for-service" financial planners: fee only, advice only.

Pure financial planning is the process of envisioning your future - whether personally, corporately, or both - from a strategic perspective.  The process is a tool for decision-making: determining the feasibility of your vision for the future, and the steps to get there.

Financial planning has been proven to significantly increase wealth and success.  Sounds exciting right? 

It's exciting for us too.  Let's talk about your future, and how you're going to get there.

Julia Chung, CFP, CLU, FEA

Financial Planner

Looking for a planner with a keen understanding of personal finance, corporate finance, and operations management? Just want to be told what to do? You've come to the right lady - all the expertise, experience, and bossy attitude you've ever wanted, and more.

With twenty years' experience in the financial services industry, education in both personal and corporate finance, business and family law, cross border planning, family dynamics, insurance, risk management, operations management, and strategy, Julia is a powerhouse financial planner and the founder of JYC Financial.


Sandi Martin, BA, Hon

Financial Planner

Sandi is an ex-banker turned fee-only financial planner. She works with regular people across Canada to figure out what they want their money to do for them, and to find the simplest, smartest way to do it. In her former career as a banker, she spent most of her time resisting the overwhelming pressure to sell credit cards, mortgages, creditor insurance, and expensive mutual funds. Instead, she worked with her clients to make the best financial choices with the best information possible. 

The Team

Very few businesses can run successfully without a highly qualified team.  Our team includes Rob Bancroft and Ashlee Best, Associate Planners, and these talented individuals from our sister company, Admin Slayer: Shannon and Lindsay, the administrative geniuses who manage everyone, Tracey, who assists with plan creation and research, Krysten, the mind and talent behind our marketing, and Janice, who keeps the books.